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If I was to say...

If I was to say, everything will be okay,
Would you come to me and find comfort in my arms.

If I was to say, ahead are only brighter days,
And that together, now and forever, we’d come to no harm.

Would you trust me and know that I’d always be right there for you,
And that’s the truth.

Like a light in the night I would comfort you. That would be the proof.


If I was to say, without you there could be no way,
Would you come to me, take my hand, together we would be.

If I was to say, as sure as night will follow day,
Is my love for you will shine on, through eternity.

And together we’ll fly free as the summer’s wandering breeze,
Dancing through the trees.

Together we’ll stay as long as the sun invites the days,


Sweet dreams.



© 2005