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Tales of Artexing

Scrumping pears can you remember?
Oh so young and oh so clever.
Are those days now gone forever?
Halcyon only now treasured…

Is that why you wear a frown, as you're hanging upside down,
From the tree beneath which we used to smoke skinny rollies.
Made with dried banana skins, shredded fine then rolled quite thin,
They didn't work, so we'd begin to start to smoke the real thing,

Oh yeah, the real thing. Oh yeah…

Years went by, we drifted further.
Further from home and from the future.
No ties, no cares, just lovely weather.
Unadulterated, hedonistic pleasure…

Is that why you can't recall much about those days we call,
Formative, enlightening, cruel, the years that followed leaving school.
Eating beans straight from the tin, hitching 'round, ticking off sins,
Practicing at living, before we play the real thing,

Oh yeah, the real thing. Oh yeah…

Here and now we've gathered strength, ruminating past at length,
What’s got us here to present tense, trying hard to make full sense.
So crack another beer to see if your glass is half empty,
Or if there really is plenty of great and good in real things,

Oh yeah, the real things. Oh yeah…

© 2006